Our Little Town

We have been living at our site now for almost 8 months. Now that we have gotten to know it, we want to share it with you. We think you can begin to get a feel for life here through these pictures, but this is certainly not comprehensive.

Our town is full of beautiful nature, amazing people, and a storied history. The longer we’re here, the more we discover.


The city council building where Chris works (i.e. Miska Rada), in the center between the windows is the seal of the town


The Gymnasia, the school where Jessica works (note the two flags, the Ukrainian flag, yellow and blue, and the nationalist flag, red and black)

Below is a collection of some of the hot spots in town, where we spend time outdoors, doing our shopping, or unwind at a restaurant or cafe.

Next are a few places that show the feel of the town, both giving some historical context, and also to show some of the European charm.

Paying respect to the past and remaining devout is a common part of life in western Ukraine. This is just a taste of the monuments and churches, these are nevertheless prominent in town.

Being in the valley of a canyon has its perks. The nature here is awesome with hiking trails, river rafting, and simply great views. It’s hard to capture the beauty of this place in one frame, but we’ll keep trying!

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